Whether it's the latest technology,
inventive designs or  amazing
play features, we're dedicated to
creating innovative fun.

Our commitment: Build great
memories for every member
of the family and enjoy the
fun of riding!

From nature's color palette to
cars to fashions of all ages, our
designers continually seek
inspirations for fresh trends.
You can count on us
We strive to promote the sport of cycling by
producing some of the very best and cutting-
edge bicycle products on earth.

Engineering excellence coupled with the
latest designs, and the most stylish aesthetics,
result in functional and high-performance
products, and unsurpassed value, each of
which underwrite our effort to realize a
stronger bicycling culture worldwide.
Here’s our promise to you
Quality is a priority for us.

We insist on using only high-quality components.
We run
rigorous testing at every step of production.

Independent inspections ensure that we maintain
the highest-level procedures by using tests.

And we’ve dedicated many years to assuring our bike is

the highest quality.

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